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Buckhorn Narrows Resort

352 Buckhorn Narrows Road, Buckhorn , Ontario K0L 1J0



352 Buckhorn Narrows Road,
Buckhorn, Ontario
K0L 1J0

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+1 705-657-8802

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  • The Duke (my boxer) and I have spent the last few seasons at Buckhorn Narrow Resort and we love it. Our trailer is up on the back lot where a good number of them are. There is a nice clean pool and playground for the kids, as well as a pavilion that you can hold out in when it rains and be social with the rest of the gang and throw some darts. The owner also throws a dance party every long weekend so residents and guests can mingle. The lot sizes are perfect and the property is better than well maintained. There is a fantastic 1.5 km trail through the back woods for exploration and fun. It’s The Duke’s favourite thing to do. The lower level has the cottages right on the water, surrounding yet another kids playground and beside the beach (That has a huge pile of the sand in the middle of the beach so kids can tear it down and every week like magic it’s a mountain again - Who does that? Not somebody who hates kids certainly). These are “cottages”, not luxury suites. They are meant for outdoor play. The president of my company stays in one when we do a fishing weekend. His quote is: “They are clean, comfortable and everything works leaving me to enjoy the fantastic fishing.” It’s a beautiful shaded beach with a fantastic view and the residents, as well as guests, hang out and spend the day often playing volleyball or some lawn game on the beautiful grass. Everyone makes certain to leave the beach perfectly clean like they found it. Usually everyone is back up to their trailer by 7pm leaving the evenings peaceful to cottagers. Being from the GTA, I am mostly embarrassed when I witness a dispute between the owner and a guest - as it is usually when a CITIOT is being a CITIOT! They haven’t been out of the cage long enough to know how to relax or act. They let the kids loose with no supervision, they trash the public washrooms (the residents keep the place clean for selfish purposes obviously), build ridiculous fires etc, etc.…and then complain that the owner is a buzzkill when trying to protect them, their children, other guests and nature itself. The owner, maintenance guys and employees work hard and long hours to keep the place ship shape. Beyond regular work week, long weekends are especially hectic with everyone inviting family and such, so please cut them some slack as they are trying to keep up as best they can. They are good people with lots of experience so if they ask you to stop something it is likely because they have seen it before and it doesn’t end well. It is good to remember this is their livelihood. They wouldn’t gamble possibly upsetting you and driving you away unless it was important. For residents and guests there are rules alike. The rules are fair. They are lax enough so you can enjoy yourself and realize a real sense of freedom, but you are reminded they exist when you believe you are the exception. I am certain the owner has heard every excuse imaginable over the many years. The Duke and I have already experienced many occasions when the rules have only benefited us. Certainly way more often times than hindering us. So, Please come and visit this little piece of heaven. Enjoy the sun, swim, go fishing, have a reasonable fire, have some cocktails, loosen up and get a bit of dirt under your nails. Take a walk around and when you get to my Trailer, the one that says “TREME - Home of Mr. B and The Duke” on the side please stop in, say hi and have a beer. Usually I have a big pot of Jambalaya or Gumbo on the stove and everyone is welcome to it. Unless of course you are, or act like, a CITIOT.
    By Brian Hughes, January 08, 2017
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    One really has to wonder when the maintenance person from the park has to write a review praising his own work! Yes Ian have been busted! so if the park is so pristine, what about the Poison Ivy growing everywhere? what about the road that washes out every time it rains? How about all of the sewage issues lately? The park itself is a wonderful park, and the people who have trailers there are great. There are rules, some of which we may not like, but that is part of why the park is great. The owner....Barb....the best thing she could do for the success of the park is stay away! She is well known for yelling and screaming at people...her any time and in any place...with no regard for who taking a person aside and quietly discussing an issue...just scream at them at the top of your lungs! BTW.....for those reading this website for the first time...some very negative comments have been scrubbed from the site....why would such a great place have to resort to such tactics? Why would you have to get employees to post positive comments? Perhaps Barb, it is time for you to retire....let someone who cares about the business take over and give the people who rent lots there enjoy their trailers....without fear of being berated at any time! Folks...if you are considering bringing a trailer in to this prepared!!!!
    By Anon Anon, September 04, 2016
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About Buckhorn Narrows Resort in Buckhorn

Buckhorn Narrows Resort is a park in Buckhorn, Ontario. Buckhorn Narrows Resort is located at 352 Buckhorn Narrows Road.

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